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Rapper DEVMO Struggles to Balance Work & Love In New Single “PRIDE”

Devmo - Pride Cover Art.png

Cover Art by: Brett Lindstrom

Listen to “PRIDE” Here

July 5, 2019 - Hip Hop Artist DEVMO extends pride vibes into summertime with her latest single, appropriately entitled: “PRIDE”. The single offers her listeners a very personal view into the complexities of a relationship and the work/life balance that millenials strive to attain but struggle to achieve. “I think I’ve always had a mental block between work and relationships. Thinking I couldn’t accomplish all I wanted while romantically and emotionally occupied” says DEVMO. The driver to her indecisiveness was battled by genuine love, leading to difficult regret and heartache. The songs melancholy energy paints a portrait of the love her past relationship possessed, drawing you even further into the feelings of resentment and confusion she harbors considering her ex’s new boo is anything but ‘wifey material.’ Moving on from a relationship is anything but easy; however, DEVMO authentically chooses to pursue her own self-love and forgiveness. Her creative play on the word “Pride” embody’s multiple meanings; DEVMO is proud to be ‘out’ in the LGBTQ community, she emphasizes that despite a failed relationship, she’s proud of her achievements and flourishing career, and there’s no question that her pride may also have interfered with her ability to admit that she might be wrong. Despite what has happened in the past, DEVMO proves to her listeners that her happiness is a priority with lyrics like “Please just recognize that I need to have pride, so it’s goodbye, this is goodbye”.

DEVMO’s dedicated fan base has watched her open for notable artists like Angel Haze, Snow Tha Product, Azealia Banks, Elle King, and more. Her previous works have been found on Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada, Sirius XM’s Sway In The Morning, and Ireland’s most prominent news source: The Irish Sun. She has played Pride Events across the country and her determined spirit is not lost by her fans. DEVMO’s fan base is engaged and loyal on an international scale.

Upcoming Show Dates

7/19 – Sofar Sounds - Chicago

7/20 - Wyoming Rhyme Sick Festival

7/26 - Birthday Show (info here)

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