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Queer Cabaret Rock Band “Copyslut” Releases Non-Normative Pop Hit “Neon Razberries” on June 14th

Photo Credit: Kristen Wrezeneski

Photo Credit: Kristen Wrezeneski

Listen to “Neon Razberries” Here

Check out their zine “Don’t Hate My Heels: A Confrontation With Whorephobia In Which The Whores Win” - A Conversation About Sex Worker Rights

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Oakland foursome “Copyslut” breaks down barriers yet again with their new single “Neon Razberries” set to release on June 14th. Nothing rings in Pride month like a non-normative pop single honoring love that falls on all spectrums. “Neon Razberries” is a love song celebrating non-monogamous, mixed-race, age-defying queer love despite the lack of support from societal structures and cultural norms. The song explores feelings of righteous defiance and pride while giving their audience a window into their struggle to persist in the face of outside pressures. “Neon Razberries” is one of many tracks to come that initiates a much needed dialogue between conformist and nonconformist communities.

The song’s concept was inspired by “To Have Without Holding,” a poem by Marge Piercy. Her mention of a ‘neon raspberry’ refers to the glow a person embodies when choosing to love fearlessly in the public eye. Imaginative lyrics like “I see the world through flowers and thorns. Don’t be surprised if your close become torn” paint a bold portrait of a personality created from emotional strength and resistance. The backbone built from adversity is highly recognized in the lyrics to follow: “I know their worry comes straight from the heart, but they don’t know me not one single part.”

"Our deepest intention with this song is to honor the hard work of all edge-walking sluts who are in healthy long-term commitments with lovers, friends, and — most importantly — themselves. Thank you all for lighting up our world like a glowing neon raspberry." - Chatz of Love, Lead Singer of Copyslut, Editor and contributing writer for Don't Hate My Heels

Cover Art by Reiko Rasch

Cover Art by Reiko Rasch

More On “Don’t Hate My Heels” Below


“Don’t Hate My Heels” is an educational weapon and tool for sex workers to connect, defend themselves, and educate loved ones. The writers tell personal narratives of everyday stigma, provide resources for sex workers and their supporters, and respond to the recent passage of SESTA/FOSTA (a series of new internet laws that directly harm sex workers). Their platform pushes beyond basic humanization and advocates for self-love, boundaries, privacy, and decriminalization. “Don’t Hate My Heels” was shortlisted for the 2018 Broken Pencil Zine Awards and the named contributors will be featured on the cover of the upcoming June 2019 Issue of Canada-based Broken Pencil Magazine with a full editorial spread and interview. The zine is free for sex workers while everyone else is asked for a donation. All proceeds support sex worker-led organizations that offer direct services to their community. Learn more here.

Upcoming Pride Shows In San Francisco Bay Area

6/16 – Father’s Gay Queer Music Festival – Whiskey Tip (Santa Rosa)

6/29 – Sex Work Is Gay – Café Du Nord (San Francisco)

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