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Edge-Walking Queer Band ‘Copyslut’ To Release Fiery Music Video Of Healing Pleasure

Watch the video for “Makers Mark” Here

Photo Credit: Still from Music Video

Photo Credit: Still from Music Video

September 27, 2019 - Copyslut, the cabaret-rock band from Oakland, CA, is releasing the next fiery single entitled “Makers Mark” off of their upcoming album on September 27th. “Makers Mark” goes deep into the trenches of inherited trauma, sparking its inspiration from one of the most famous oral legends in Mexican folklore: “La Llorona”. Filled with healing pleasure and queer artistic celebration, the music video takes its audience from the streets of the trans district in San Francisco into a world and culture they push to make possible. The video is a breathtaking display of the power of their community, complete with with intricate fire spinning, powerfully-graceful pole dancers, contortion, burlesque dancers and fearlessly dynamic rock ‘n’ roll. The melancholy presence of La Llorona juxtaposes with the uplifting edge-walking energy. This creates a tension throughout the music video as she seeks connection with her “lost children.” For those unfamiliar, “La Llorona” or “The Weeping Woman” is a ghost story about a mother who drowned her children and then herself in a fit of jealous rage after she discovered her husband cheating on her. Parents warn their children of her crying ghost wandering the river beds at night, searching for lost children to take. Copyslut compassionately sees La Llorona in a different light. Instead of vilifying her like so many femme-hating myths, Copyslut tells the story of a fierce mama who made hard choices for her family’s survival in the face of vampires pillaging her hometown.

The video, choreographed and directed by Janet Huey, raises spirits with its Dia de Los Muertos vibes; lead guitarist Ray Zamora appears with their sugar skull makeup throughout, embodying a solemn yet campy aesthetic. This combined with their infectious on-camera presence pairs perfectly with lead singer Chatz’s soaring vocals and dynamic charisma. Chatz captivates her audience from beginning to end as she guides the performance through its enamoring stage of magical events. The guitarist Ray and Copyslut’s visual artist Reiko Rasch (who also appears in the video) are both of Mexican heritage and the story of La Llorona is something they hold dear to their hearts. Inspired by an eerie midnight encounter at Yosemite, this song draws on the complexities of mixed-race identity. Ray lends us insight into some of their experiences. “Mixed race babies have a lot of that edgewalking super power. I have access to a wide lived-experience. As a mixed race person, my authenticity is constantly questioned. I often struggle to feel fully seen or connected with my identities because I don’t fit neatly in a box. My connection to ritual and ancestors often comes from within and has become an important part of my work. That’s why we made La Llorona a strong maternal guide, searching for lost children who don’t fully belong. She takes me under her wing and helps me find power on the edges.”

Copyslut is without a doubt paving the way for Edgewalkers everywhere; making their mark, one magnetic single at a time.

Art by: Reiko Rasch

Art by: Reiko Rasch

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