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Female Rapper You Need To Know: DEVMO Drops Music Video For Her Heavy Summertime Hit “Stayin’ Here”

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DEVMO just returned from her first 36 city National tour and now, is actively performing at PRIDE events across the country. Luckily, she’s back from tour in time to soak up the final months of summertime by releasing the official music video to her single “Stayin’ Here”, set to release on August 13th. “Stayin’ Here” is the perfect melancholic summertime jam. In the video, we see DEVMO out at a party on the beach, trying to distract herself from her bad mood. “Have you ever been at a party while you're going through a rough time in life? You aren't really happy to be out and mingling but you know if you leave, you'll feel a lot worse. So you stay.” says DEVMO. At the party, she draws upon the feelings of isolation that you get when feeling alone amidst a group of people. You want to be there because you don’t want to feel alone but lyrics like “No one would notice if I drown right now” lead us to believe that despite being around a bunch of people, DEVMO is still drowning in her own thoughts.

“There's an added element of avoiding getting intoxicated because you know it may temporarily numb the pain, but in reality will make you feel even worse” says DEVMO. This is a feeling many people have faced; the social pressures of drinking to get you out of a bad vibe come from a good place, but the reality is that drinking or doing drugs to escape a bad mood will likely keep the bad vibes rollin. This track has an uncanny way of making you want to party and weep all at the same time. This is brilliant because it so accurately captures the way DEVMO feels at this beach party. Sad inside but happy to be alive.

DEVMO has opened for artists such as Angel Haze, Snow Tha Product, Azealia Banks, Elle King, and more. From SXSW showcases to Splash House in Palm Springs, DEVMO has performed all across the country for her engaged and dedicated fan base. Being a queer female rapper has its obvious challenges, but DEVMO charges right through with irrefutable confidence and drive. Not to mention, her combined style of melodic hooks and fast-paced rapping has coined a style all her own.


Upcoming Show Dates

10/4 - Arlington, TX - Central NACA Showcase

10/11 - Atlanta, GA - ATL Pride Show

10/19 - Buffalo, NY - Mid-Atlantic NACA Showcase


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