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Queer Cabaret-Rock Band ‘Copyslut’ Sparks International Demand With Sex Worker Zine

Photo Credit: Kristen Wrezeneski

Photo Credit: Kristen Wrezeneski

“Don’t Hate My Heels: A Confrontation With Whorephobia In Which The Whores Win”

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Listen to their single “Neon Razberries” out June 14th

This Oakland-based edge-walking foursome ‘Copyslut’ fuels an ongoing conversation about sex worker rights and oppression with the zine entitled “Don’t Hate My Heels: A Confrontation With Whorephobia In Which The Whores Win”. The zine is a collaboration between Copyslut’s lead singer, Chatz, and others sex workers both named and anonymous. “Don’t Hate My Heels” was shortlisted for the 2018 Broken Pencil Zine Awards and the named contributors will be featured on the cover of the upcoming June 2019 Issue of Canada-based Broken Pencil Magazine with a full editorial spread and interview.

“Don’t Hate My Heels” is an educational weapon and tool for sex workers to connect, defend themselves, and educate loved ones. The writers tell personal narratives of everyday stigma, provide resources for sex workers and their supporters, and respond to the recent passage of SESTA/FOSTA (a series of new internet laws that directly harm sex workers). Their platform pushes beyond basic humanization and advocates for self-love, boundaries, privacy, and decriminalization. The zine is free for sex workers while everyone else is asked for a donation. All proceeds support sex worker-led organizations that offer direct services to their community.

Copyslut weaves many of the themes found in “Don’t Hate My Heels” throughout their music, giving the audience a compelling live performance filled with sex-magic, catharsis and healing vibes. They bring their fans into a rich experience, letting go of shame and re-sensitizing their bodies through earnest storytelling and groovy hooks. It’s the full spectrum of entertainment - musical theater meets stripper meets rock & roll. It’s both playfully campy and intensely authentic.

Together, Copyslut and “Don’t Hate My Heels” form an ecosystem of artists and activists who are plugged into a larger movement. They have quickly created a community with an international reach, introducing an honest and sincere conversation amidst a tense political climate.


“Writing for Don’t Hate My Heels and Copyslut is a large part of my own healing and taking responsibility for my narrative. When I perform, I am reclaiming my power in a way that I hope makes space for others to move more freely: I am interested in not just surviving, but thriving - restorative healing, establishing boundaries, and integrating trauma. I want my art to help me and anyone else who is ready to get off the merry-go-round of abuse and systematic oppression. I want to love myself and hold my pain so that I can also focus on deconstructing internalized racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia and whorephobia.” Chatz of Love, Editor and contributing writer for Don't Hate My Heels

“While more people than ever are becoming aware of the issues that sex workers face, the absence of our voices in the media and policy about us is striking. We wrote Don't Hate My Heels because we were ready to speak up for ourselves and remind our community that sex work is a complex, huge, diverse world of labor and experiences, and our stories need to be honored, front and center." Vanessa Carlisle, PhD, Editor and contributing writer for Don't Hate My Heels

“Illustrating Don’t Hate my Heels was emotional and incredibly healing for me. I feel instantly connected to people when they’re moved from looking at the cover art, right off the bat. Often they don’t know I’m the artist, and I get to see the real time reaction. My pen and ink drawings celebrate the badasses I am in community with. They are also a big middle finger to anyone that’s tried to block my shine. I want others working in the industry to know that I got your back and I see your glow, even when others don’t”. Reiko Rasch, Editor and Illustrator for Don't Hate My Heels

Upcoming Shows In San Francisco Bay Area

6/16 – Father’s Gay Queer Music Festival – Whiskey Tip (Santa Rosa)

6/29 – Sex Work Is Gay – Café Du Nord (San Francisco)

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